Supported living in Lincolnshire

Useful downloads

From here you can view and download useful documentation relating to everything from pet ownership to safeguarding and tenancy fraud.

Report Name Updated
Notice to end tenancy form 2020-05-11
Tenants handbook 2019-12-03
Our service standards 2020-06-26
Complaints and Compliments factsheet 2019-12-03
Residents factsheet for the giving of gifts 2021-06-10
Electrical Safety factsheet 2018-11-01
Gas Safety factsheet 2018-11-01
Legionella factsheet 2019-08-01
Pet ownership factsheet 2019-12-03
Safeguarding factsheet 2019-12-03
Tenancy fraud factsheet 2019-12-03
Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs factsheet 2019-12-03
Ending your tenancy factsheet 2020-05-11
Ending tenancy as a personal representative factsheet 2020-05-11
Ending tenancy form for personal representative 2020-05-11
Tenant guide to repairs 2020-07-02
Response repair policy 2020-07-02
Leaseholder Handbook 2021-01-13
Leasehold Factsheet 2020-05-19
Extending your Lease fact sheet 2020-06-26
Leaseholder guide to repairs 2020-06-23
Rent Payment: An important responsibility Factsheet 2020-05-19
Safety in Communal areas factsheet 2020-05-20
Former tenant debt factsheet 2020-05-20
Former tenant debt for personal representative factsheet 2020-05-20
Rechargeable repair appeal form 2020-05-20
Property Standards 2020-05-20
Noise nuisance fact sheet 2020-06-23
Safeguarding factsheet 2020-05-26
Summary of our Anti Social Behaviour policy factsheet 2019-12-03
Anti Social Behaviour Diary log 2020-05-20
Your Neighbourhood Service Standard factsheet 2020-05-20
Race and Hate Crime factsheet 2020-05-20
Getting involved Factsheet 2020-05-20
Moving home during Covid-19 factsheet 2020-05-21
How we allocate our housing factsheet 2020-05-22
How we allocate our extra care housing factsheet 2020-05-22
A guide for visitors to our Extra Care Schemes during the Covid 19 pandemic 2020-11-04
A guide for visitors to our Housing for Older People Schemes during the Covid 19 pandemic 2020-11-04
Complaint policy 2020-12-23
Homes England
Regulator of social housing
Blue skies consortium
Dementia Action Alliance
Housing Ombudsman Service
Lincs Independent Living Partnership
National Housing Federation