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Anti-social behaviour

Tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB), and the harm that it can cause, is a priority for us. We want our residents to be safe in our communities, so that they’re great places to live. 

We work in partnership with relevant agencies, such as the Police and Environmental Health, to attempt to quickly resolve any ASB reported to us.

Anti-social behaviour includes:

  • excessive noise (other than day-to-day living);
  • verbal abuse/harassment/intimidation/threatening behaviour;
  • hate-related incidents based on race, nationality, ethnic origin or colour, religion or belief, gender reassignment, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other reason such as appearance etc. (please refer to our Race and hate crime fact sheet);
  • vandalism and damage to property;
  • drugs/substance misuse/drug dealing/alcohol related ASB;
  • domestic abuse;
  • physical violence;
  • prostitution;
  • criminal behaviour.

If you are in immediate danger, please call the police directly on 999. Criminal acts should always be reported to the police first of all. If the crime is happening at the time, then please call 999. If the crime has already occurred, then call the non-emergency reporting line on 101.

Please report the ASB to us. You can do this via our online reporting form or via the telephone, 01522 514444. Once reported, a member of our housing and support team will carry out an initial assessment of your report within one working day for serious or hate crime or within seven working days for all other reports. We will give you advice and guidance on the action that can be taken. We will normally agree an action plan of what we will do i.e. contact the person causing the anti-social behaviour and what you will do i.e. keeping diary sheets of the anti-social behaviour.

Please use our anti-social behaviour diary sheet (LH209 Diary log). You can use it to keep a detailed record of the nuisance and harassment you are experiencing, including the type of incident and when it occurred. This evidence can be helpful for us to resolve the situation.

We have published separate fact sheets on anti-social behaviour, our neighbourhood service standards and our approach to race and hate crime, please see below;

Fact sheet summary of our ASB policy

Your neighbourhood service standard fact sheet

Race and hate crime fact sheet

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