Ending a tenancy

To end a tenancy correctly we ask that you follow the requirements set out in our fact sheets which provide information on how to end your tenancy correctly. We have produced a separate fact sheet if you are ending a tenancy as the personal representative of the late tenant.

Factsheet for ending your tenancy and Factsheet ending tenancy personal representative

Key information

Rent will be due until the date the tenancy ends. If the rent is paid by housing benefit, please ensure it is paid up to and including the last day of the tenancy.

If notice is not given but the tenant moves out of their home, we may consider that they have abandoned the tenancy and we will start action that may result in taking possession of the home.

To end a tenancy with us please complete and return the Notice to end tenancy form –  or if you are the personal representative please use the Personal representative to give notice to end tenancy form.

We have developed a range of supporting information, including fact sheets for both tenants and personal representatives on ending the tenancy, and our approach to former tenant debt, including rechargeable repairs. A separate fact sheet is also available regarding our property standard, which is a useful guide to refer to before returning your keys to us.

Please visit our useful download section of the website for all the information you need.

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