Tenancy Fraud

It’s a priority for us to make sure our homes are let fairly to people who need them and we check the identity of all new tenants.

If one of our residents commits tenancy fraud it prevents us offering the home to those most in need. We take any form of unlawful occupation like this very seriously. There are many types of tenancy fraud, including:

  • Giving false or misleading information when applying for a home, such as false names, using forged documents or lying about the need for housing.
  • Illegally subletting all or part of the home – this is different to taking in a lodger.
  • A tenant moves out of their home and lets someone else live there.
  • A tenant doesn’t live in their home as their only or main home.

If you think the person living in a home isn't the tenant, please contact us. We’ll treat all reports of unlawful occupation as confidential. If we identify or receive information that suggests someone is unlawfully occupying one of our homes, we’ll write to the tenant and arrange a home visit. If we’re not satisfied that the occupant is the registered tenant, we’ll continue to investigate. Please see our Tenancy fraud fact sheet.

Homes England
Regulator of social housing
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