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Coast to Coast Day 4

Low cloud and the chance of mist prevented a climb of 720 metres on day four. Following a hearty breakfast (thanks Joyce), the team left Patterdale, adopting an alternative route taken from Wainrights winter walk.

The landscape certainly began to change as they left the Lake District behind and headed towards Shap. Bob shared with us his knowledge associated to birds, as Skylarks, Grouse and a Heron were present along their path.

The weather held up, the sun appearing from time to time. The team have begun to meet regular faces along the way as others are taking part, although many unable to do the entire walk. Philip is clearly struggling with his foot and Sarah is experiencing her fair share of blisters but thanks to compede plasters she keeps going.

Everyone was sad to turn their back on the Lake District, whilst challenging, it has been a great few days with memorable moments shared along the way. The village of Shap was a welcome sight, so too was seeing the M6 in the distance. Never has a motorway been more of a welcome sight than today. Arriving in Shap, we could not find a pub called the Ship Inn or a dog called Shep, so to confirm, there is no Shep and Ship Inn Shap (this seemed to keep Phil amused for hours!). 

Now a third way through the walk, the team face 21 miles on Friday!


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Near the end!