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Coast to Coast Day 12

As Del once said to Rodney, 'We've only gone and done it'! Following 12 days of walking the team have finally made it to Robin Hoods Bay. Greeted by family and friends the team completed 21 miles and concluded 200 miles which started in St Bees on a very wet and cold day on 7th April. Together they have experienced all kinds of weather and conditions which has proved to be challenging at times. Despite blisters, sore feet, knees, ankles and sunburn, they have kept going, thanks to the support from so many. 
Day 12 began with an early start from Glaisdale.  BBC Lincolnshire made contact with Nick for a live chat before they reached Grosmont.  Here they were joined by Nick and Kate from Longhurst, Steve from Thornton and Firkin and Rachels husband, Trevor. Now 11 in number, they made their way across the Moors to Littlebeck before passing through Sneaton to Hawsker and finally along the coastline to Robin Hoods Bay.
Throughout the past 12 days the team have faced many challenges along the way. Together they have overcome driving rain, gales, fog, pain and Bob's snoring. However, there has been many rememberable moments and laughs along the way which has kept the team going. Thank you to every one involved in any way, for all the best wishes and for the donations and sponsorship that has made this event the success it has been.