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Coast to Coast - Day Three

Day three was a wet start as the team left Stonethwaite only to be greeted with what appeared to be an endless climb of 620 metres. The pathway was uneven, a combination of falling rocks and water. Before they reached the top of the first of two mountains that day, they had to climb what appeared to be a vertical waterfall.

Reaching the top of the mountain the team were faced with the challenges of mist which prevented visibility to approximately 100 feet. Thanks to an OS map, compass and the experience of two Lancashire lads (men), the team safely made their way through a bog before following a beck back down the mountain.

A long walk along the foot of the valley to Grasmere led to their second mountain climb of the day, again 620 metres, and again with mist to contend with. This time, within seconds, the mist cleared to reveal not only an amazing view but our pathway that eventually led us to Patterdale before dusk.

Today, someone was certainly looking out for us. Tired, aching and with a little pain, we were encouraged to taste the local beer before going to bed. One of the bedrooms being that slept in by Alfred Wainright! Head down and a determination to keep going was the order of the day but there was a number of laughs and plenty of flapjack to keep our spirits up

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