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Coast to Coast - Day 10

The team, now 8 in number, left for Great Broughton. The day was in complete contrast with that of the previous day.

Much of the trek was across five 350 metre hills. Whilst the views across North Yorkshire were spectacular, ascending and descending the hills applied strain to the already sore and aching feet and muscles. However, with only 39 miles to go, spirits are high.

The team will continue along the Cleveland Way during day 11 as they make their way towards Glaisdale.

The team would like to reiterate their thanks to everyone for their support. This has and continues to be invaluable.

Safe journey to Kate and Nick from Longhurst, Steve from Thornton and Firkin and Trevor as they make their way up to Yorkshire to join us for the last day from Grosmont Railway Station.

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