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Coast to Coast - A Day of Two Half's

Day one of the Coast to Coast trek began with a wet start, testing our waterproofs to the extreme. All stayed dry apart from Sarah who decided to have a slide down an embankment stopping short of a drop into the Irish Sea. Despite two falls in all, there was no demand for the Cumbria Mountaineering Rescue Team! The morning took longer than expected as a result of boggy and muddy ground. 

By 2.00pm, the weather had much improved with breaks in the cloud and sunshine. We faced the challenge of a 252 metre climb. The day has certainly given us a flavour of what is to come, much of which we have very little experience of in Lincolnshire.  

Few blisters, which is good news, but with a 750 metre climb in the morning, we have plenty of plasters at the ready.

Tonight's accommodation is good and spirits are up for our hike tomorrow.


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