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Celebrating 100 years!

We were delighted to be able to mark one of our Housing with Extra care residents 100th Birthday on Saturday. Cynthia received a card from the Queen along with some flowers and chocolates from LACE Housing, along with a visit from family and friends.

Cynthia joined us at Olsen Court 4 years ago and always has a smile on her face and a story to tell! Born in 1921, Cynthia is one of six siblings and was born in Kent. She used to attend Church every week and trained to become a Buyer. Cynthia had a successful job as a main buyer for a rental shop in London.

Cynthia moved to Cornwall with her family, where she met her husband William, a Police officer. They both went on to have three children together. When William retired, they ran their own guesthouse. Cynthia’s son remembers that his Mum was a fantastic cook and renowned for her Cornish Pasties, he also recalled how they enjoyed spending time at the beach as a family growing up. Cynthia has two surviving children, her son, who lives in Lincoln and her daughter, who now lives in Canada.

Since moving to Lincoln, Cynthia enjoys having her family and friends to visit and going out shopping. Cynthia says she enjoys having her meals from our restaurant and is very content living at LACE Housing.

We would like to wish you a very Happy 100th birthday Cynthia, from Everyone at LACE Housing. 

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