Coronavirus notice Read our position statement in full

Coronavirus Notice: Our Position Statement

Further to the Governments announcement to progress to Step 4 of the Covid 19 roadmap, it is essential that we continue to ensure that our residents, staff and volunteers continue to remain safe. Therefore we will continue to follow and respond to Government guidance.

Our Staff and Volunteers

  •  Our staff will continue to work from home, where possible, to minimise the spread of the virus within the work place.
  •  Our registered office, LACE House, remains closed to the public.
  •  We will continue to keep up to date with changing Government guidance.
  •  Our staff will avoid any unnecessary travel and attendance at non-essential meetings.
  •  We have requested that our staff continue wearing face coverings, maintain 2 metres social distancing and regularly wash hands in line with Government guidance.
  •  Where it is essential that staff visit our schemes, we expect staff to wear face coverings and use the provided sanitiser gel and antibacterial wipes in support of hand hygiene and the disinfectant of surface areas.
  •  Meetings will continue to be held virtually where possible.
  •  Our staff will be asked to self-isolate where necessary and we will continue to take a cautious approach regarding any positive Covid-19 cases.
  •  Our staff can arrange additional welfare checks with residents by telephone where required.
  •  Where our staff need to enter a resident’s home, we have agreed safe practices and we will continue to adopt these, despite the lifting of restrictions.
  •  Our risk register remains in place, enabling us to continue to assess, plan and implement essential services.
  •  In the event of a major incident, we will respond in accordance with our approved Disaster Recovery Policy.

Our Residents 

  •  We have written to all residents with updates on Government guidelines.
  •  We ask residents to advise us if they are self-isolating before we complete any home visits in order that we can alert our staff and contractors before they enter their home.
  •  We have written to residents confirming our approach to Step 4 of the Government Road Map, which includes staff continuing to maintain 2 metres social distancing from colleagues and customers and promote the wearing of face coverings by our residents in communal areas of our schemes (unless they have a medical exemption).
  •  We have asked our residents to contact us if they need advice, support or signposting to wellbeing services.
  •  As a member of Lincs Independent Living Partnership, we are working together with Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire, St Barnabas Lincolnshire and LHP in order to support one another enabling our customers/residents to have access to other services.

As we are sure that you will appreciate, the Governments response and advice regarding the Coronavirus outbreak is subject to change, therefore, we will continue to review the above actions and control measures and will respond as appropriate. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Please keep safe.

Homes England
Regulator of social housing
Blue skies consortium
Dementia Action Alliance
Housing Ombudsman Service
Lincs Independent Living Partnership
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