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Coast to Coast Day 6

The team left Kirkby Stephen early Saturday morning making their way up to Nine Standards Rigg, approximately 720 metres above sea level.

Unfortunately, visibility was poor with mist, rain and strong winds adding to the challenge of navigating their way towards Keld. Bogs were also evident, resulting in members of the team sinking upto their knees. Thankfully, a map, compass and marker posts resulted in the team making their way safely off the mountain. A long walk through driving rain was endured, hindered further by much of the path having fallen away during the winter. Nick slid down an embankment as the wet weather made it difficult to maintain tread. Sadly Sarah is returning home, the blisters becoming unbearable. We all wish her a safe journey home. Having arrived in Keld, the team are now preparing for tomorrow's walk to Reeth, hoping that the weather forecast remains true to its word and that it will be fine.


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