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Frequently Asked Questions regarding your application

Where am I on the waiting list?

Applicants do not have a position on our waiting list.  At the time of a vacancy, all applications for the scheme are considered and we allocate according to whose need can be best met at that time.

How do the Extra Care allocations get decided?

Our Extra Care schemes are allocated on a needs basis via our allocations panel.

Our allocation process is based on a combination of four important factors, to assist an individual to live independantly within our Extra Care scheme.

These factors are:

Social needs

When a property becomes available, the panel meet to discuss all current applications and make a decision based on who fits the criteria required at the time, and on the current balance within the scheme.

How long will it take to be offered accommodation?

Unfortunately we cannot predict how long it will take to be offered. 

How often do vacancies become available?

It can vary how often vacancies become available as people move into our accommodation and make it a home for life.

Are utility bills included in the rent and service charge in Supported Housing?

The rent and service charge in our Supported Housing schemes do not include utilities, these are payable extra and are the residents responsibility to arrange.  

Are Fees payable in advance ?

Rent is due to be paid by the Resident in advance on the 1st day of each month.